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Press releases 2017

Quadrat 1511863068

Wendelstein 7-X now ready for virtual tours!

November 29, 2017
A trip into the plasma vessel / 360-degree panorama of the fusion device at Greifswald [more]
Quadrat 1511438130

Max-Planck-Princeton partnership in fusion research confirmed

November 23, 2017
Investigation of plasmas in astrophysics and fusion research / funding for another two to five years [more]
Quadrat 1505115249

Wendelstein 7-X: Second round of experimentation started

September 11, 2017
First plasmas in the upgraded device / “It’s now getting exciting”, says Project Head Thomas Klinger [more]
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Bavarian Order of Merit awarded to IPP’s Scientific Director

July 13, 2017
Professor Sibylle Günter honoured for her commitment to European fusion research [more]
Quadrat 1495610939

Greifswald’s Osthoff Plasma Physics Prize awarded

May 24, 2017
IPP scientist Benedikt Geiger honoured for outstanding achievements in plasma physics [more]
Quadrat 1491463532

EU Excellence Award to IPP scientist

April 06, 2017
First ever matter-antimatter plasma / ERC Advanced Grant to Thomas Sunn Pedersen [more]
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Research grant for development of positron pulses of unprecedented intensity

January 26, 2017
DFG support for the development of a pulsed positron source / investigations of exotic states of matter and mixes of matter and antimatter [more]
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