Press releases from 2014 to 1999

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Quadrat 1416991201

From fusion research into medical technology

November 26, 2014
Special materials developed from tungsten for fusion experiments – applicable in X-ray tubes? [more]
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European Fusion Programme restructured

October 06, 2014
EU research centres establish EUROfusion Consortium; inaugural ceremony in Brussels [more]
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WEGA fusion experiment passed on to the USA

September 22, 2014
From IPP Greifswald to the University of Illinois / long-service device on the road again [more]
Quadrat 1403610368

New Administrative Director at IPP

June 30, 2014
Dr. Josef Schweinzer to succeed Ass. jur. Christina Wenninger-Mrozek [more]
Quadrat 1389887533

Preparations for operation of Wendelstein 7-X starting

May 12, 2014
Main installation of the fusion device completed / inauguration ceremony at Greifswald on 20 May 2014 [more]
Quadrat 1389177766

Sophisticated miniatures: IPP developing bolometers for ITER

January 08, 2014
Contract for almost five million euros: diagnostic method for ITER being developed [more]
Quadrat 1370357624

Last steel seam on Wendelstein 7-X closed

June 04, 2013
Core of fusion device completed / difficult installation stage successfully terminated [more]
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