Highlights 2020  

Research news from the division Plasma Edge and Wall

08.07.2020: How does the I-mode function?
The I-mode is an attractive confinement regime for future tokamak based fusion reactors. [more]
23.04.2020: Experimental validation for turbulence widening the plasma-wall-interaction area
The hot fusion plasma transfers a part of the generated heat to the plasma facing components. The size of the area of the interaction between the plasma and the wall is a critical parameter. [more]
19.2.2020: Four young E2M scientists receive EUROfusion grants
This year four young scientists from E2M were successful in obtaining EUROfusion grants. [more]
27.1.2020: Tungsten-copper composite materials for plasma-facing components
E2M scientist Alexander von Müller received the 2019 Innovation Award of the German Copper Institute for his work regarding tungsten-copper composites. [more]
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