New Issue of ASDEX Upgrade Newsletter

Information about research with the ASDEX Upgrade fusion device

March 12, 2015

ASDEX Upgrade Letter deals with present developments and research results from the ASDEX Upgrade fusion device, Germany’s biggest tokamak, on which scientists from the whole of Europe are working.

The current issue 15/2015 is chiefly concerned with the experience gained in the first experimentation phase of ASDEX Upgrade in the framework of the new European programme, “Medium Sized Tokamaks”, which brought 200 research scientists from the whole of Europe to Garching in the past year.

Furthermore, it deals with the fathoming of the load limits of the divertor, investigations that are of great importance to ITER and the DEMO demonstration power plant. The Letter covers the modifications prior to the next experimentation phase of ASDEX Upgrade as well as new results on collective Thomson scattering. The measuring method, developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in conjunction with IPP, yields important data on the behaviour of fast ions in the plasma.

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