Vorlesungen Prof. Dr. Thomas Sunn Pedersen

Thomas Sunn Pedersen has worked on different magnetic confinement concepts for hot plasmas, including tokamaks, stellarators, and dipoles. His research spans work on active control of MHD instabilities and experimental studies of impurity transport in tokamaks, the physics of non-neutral plasmas confined on magnetic surfaces, stellarator exhaust and and edge topology control, development of measurement systems for hot plasmas, and work towards the creation of the world's first confined electron-positron plasmas.


Vorlesungen an der Universität Greifswald

Sommersemester 2019

Fusionsplasmaphysik - fusion plasma physics
Timetable (.pdf)

This course is the continuation of the course "high-temperature plasma physics". The topics build on the knowledge gained in the previous course, with a focus on toroidal magnetic confinement and magnetic fusion. it is the aim of the course to discuss the main plasma physics concepts required for modern fusion research on tokamaks and stellarators.

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