HEPP Public Speaking Training - Resonance Voice Training

HEPP Seminar

  • Date: Feb 8, 2018
  • Time: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Speaker: Wiebke Renner
  • Wiebke is a Resonance Trainer, Life & Leadership Coach (CPCC, PCC) and Faculty Member of one of the oldest and largest in-person coach training schools in the world, CTI (The Coaches Training Institute).
  • Workshop to enhance your physical and vocal presence in public speaking: Wiebke Renner combines the principles of Resonance Training and coaching with her professional experience of more than 10 years as an opera singer.
  • Location: Greifswald
  • Room: HGW S2
  • Host: HEPP
  • Contact: hepp@ipp.mpg.de
Resonance Training enables speakers to more effectively engage with their audience by optimizing their vocal delivery.

What is Resonance Voice Training?
Whether you are a leader, trainer, performer or a regular presenter, Resonance Voice Training will help you build
• presence and impact
• trust and confidence
• a compelling vocal delivery

You will learn how to
• overcome stage fright
• connect and engage more effectively with your audience
• use your voice powerfully and effortlessly.

How does it work?
Limitations in the sound quality (such as a nervous, low, inarticulate, monotone or a sharp pitch) as well as physical and vocal insecurity can generally be traced back to an imbalance in the body. Resonance Training’s simple and effective tools help you naturally rebalance yourself to create your most powerful vocal impact. By finding and loving your authentic voice, you will not only deliver your message effortlessly, but also engage the audience on an emotional level.

Main principles:
• Natural balance instead of deliberate control (physical law of effortless movement)
• Using listening for guidance (audio-motoric system)
• The interconnectedness of relaxation and power (using the natural force of the ground)

This one-day workshop for a group of 8 participants max. consists of
• an introduction to the foundational principles of Resonance Training
• body work in a group setting
• individual coaching in front of the group
• facilitated group discussions, Q&A
For the one-on-one work please prepare a short piece of text you'd like to present, a section of a talk, a poem or song, anything that can serve as sound material.

What's special about this approach?
The unique feature of Resonance Voice Training lies in the fact that it doesn't make you follow a fixed formula which may not work for everyone. Instead, it enables you to find your own way of becoming a more impactful speaker.

Every participant will receive individually tailored teaching to improve his/her physical and vocal presence. This is done in individual sessons in front of the group. Participants have the opportunity to experience the work from both sides, having a real audience and being the audience that experiences how Resonance transforms the vocal delivery of others. Everyone will walk away with practical tips and strategies to further enhance their performance.

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