WP TE Task Force Meeting

WP TE Task Force Meeting H Mode WS and SOFT Rehearsal

  • Datum: 08.09.2022
  • Uhrzeit: 09:25 - 12:00
  • Vortragende: Several speakers
  • Raum: Zoom Meeting

09:25: O. Kudlacek: Real time coupling of the equilibrium solver with the current diffusion equation on ASDEX Upgrade

09:45: B. Chapman-Oplopoiou: A gyrokinetic study of JET-ILW pedestals with varying isotope mass (Poster rehearsal)

10:00: D. Testa: Development of algorithms for the end-end system simulation and performance analysis for a high-frequency magnetic diagnostic system: application to TCV, JET, ITER and DEMO

10:20: X. Litaudon: Long plasma duration operation analyses with an international multi-machines (tokamaks and stellarators) database

10:40: J. Wilson: The technical challenges of the JET Shattered Pellet Injector to perform Disruption Mitigation System studies for ITER

11:10: Poster Rehearsals for the H-mode WS and SOFT 2022 in Parallel with Break Out rooms:

M. Sos: Evaluating the impact of plasma toroidal rotation on the pedestal stability with ELITE on JET

O. Myatr: Possible role of HFS near-SOL ExB shear in aiding H-mode access in the MAST-U CDN configuration

M. Dunne: MHD analysis of the ASDEX Upgrade pedestal database

A. Cathey: Probing non-linear extended MHD stability of QCE and EDA H-mode in ASDEX Upgrade

P. Ulbl: Gyrokinetic simulations of turbulent transport in the edge and scrape-off layer of TCV

S. Saarelma: Neutral Ionisation Model for the Density Pedestal Prediction

G. Ratta: Characterization of physic events in JET preceding disruptions

C. Paz-Soldan: Plasma Performance and Operational Space with an RMP-ELM Suppressed Edge

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