WP TE Task Force Meeting

WP TE Task Force Meeting - 24th RF conference rehearsals (Part 2)

  • Datum: 08.09.2022
  • Uhrzeit: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Vortragende: Several speakers
  • Raum: Zoom Meeting

14:00: E. Tsitrone: Task Force News

14:10: Y. Kazakov: Progress with Applications of Three-Ion ICRF Scenarios for Fusion Research: a Review

15:10: R. Bilato: Impact of ICRF fast-ions on core turbulence and MHD activity in ASDEX Upgrade

15:45: R. Ochoukov: Overview of Plasma Emissions Observed in the Ion Cyclotron Frequency Range on ASDEX Upgrade

15:55: K. Kirov: The impact of ICRH heating of fast D and T ions on fusion performance in JET DTE2 campaign

16:05: Y. Zayachuk: Fuel desorption from JET-ILW materials: Assessment of analytical approach and identification of uncertainty and discrepancy sources (paper review)

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