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Journal Article
Banon Navarro, A.; Merlo, G.; Plunk, G. G.; Xanthopoulos, P.; Stechow, A. v.; Di Siena, A.; Maurer, M.; Hindenlang, F.; Wilms, F.; Jenko, F.: Global gyrokinetic simulations of ITG turbulence in the magnetic configuration space of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 62, 105005 (2020)

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Banon Navarro, A.; Dannert, T.; Di Siena, A.; Hindenlang, F.; Jenko, F.; Maurer, M.; Merlo, G.; Plunk, G.; Wilms, F.: Global Gyrokinetic Simulations with GENE-3D. 2021 MPPC Annual Meeting (Max-Planck Princeton Center), Virtual (2021)
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