Publications of M. Lindqvist

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Journal Article
Fantz, U.; Briefi, S.; Fröschle, M.; Harder, N. d.; Heiler, A.; Heinemann, B.; Hurlbatt, A.; Hopf, C.; Lindqvist, M.; Merk, F. et al.; Mimo, A.; Nocentini, R.; Orozco, G.; Riedl, R.; Starnella, G.; Wimmer, C.; Wünderlich, D.; Yordanov, D.; Zielke, D.: Ion source developments at IPP: On the road towards achieving the ITER-NBI targets and preparing concepts for DEMO. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2244, 012049 (2022)
Journal Article
Lettry, J.; Vnuchenko, A.; Bertolo, S.; Mastrostefano, C.; O'Neil, M.; Lorenzo, F. d.; Coutron, Y.; Steyeart, D.; Riffaud, B.; Thiboud, J. et al.; Guida, R.; Kapusniak, K.; Charvet, C.; Teissandier, B.; Moyret, P.; Roncarolo, F.; Bart Pedersen, S.; Duraffourg, M.; Vuitton, C.; Fantz, U.; Mochalskyy, S.; Wünderlich, D.; Lindqvist, M.; Harder, N. d.; Mimo, A.; Briefi, S.; Hurlbatt, A.; Kalvas, T.; Minea, T.; Revel, A.: Beam Formation Studies on the CERN IS03b H Source. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2244, 012036 (2022)
Journal Article
Wünderlich, D.; Montellano, I. M.; Lindqvist, M.; Mimo, A.; Mochalskyy, S.; Fantz, U.: Effects of the magnetic field topology on the co-extracted electron current in a negative ion source for fusion. Journal of Applied Physics 130, 053303 (2021)

Talk (1)

Lindqvist, M.: 3D Monte Carlo PIC modeling of particle extraction from negative ion sources. EDOM Scientific Days, Orsay (submitted)

Poster (2)

Lindqvist, M.; Harder, N. d.; Revel, A.; Mochalskyy, S.; Minea, T.; Fantz, U.: Coupling of 3D-PIC and ion optics simulations for studies of H- beam formation and co-extraction of e-. DPG-Frühjahrstagung der Fachverbände Physik der Hadronen und Kerne, Plasmaphysik und des Arbeitskreises Beschleunigerphysik , Mainz, Virtual (submitted)
Lindqvist, M.; Wünderlich, D.; Mimo, A.; Mochalskyy, S.; Revel, A.; Minea, T.; Fantz, U.: 3D Monte-Carlo PIC modeling of plasma grid biasing and the co-extraction of electrons in negative ion sources. DPG-Tagung der Sektion Materie und Kosmos (SMuK), Virtual (submitted)
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