The Press and PR office is the interface for IPP’s internal and external communication. Besides press information and news on current topics, the office also issues information to a wide public. The office’s duties also include organisation of events ranging from tours of IPP at Garching and Greifswald to open-door days and participation in exhibitions and trade fairs.

Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
Public Relations
Boltzmannstraße 2

Phone +49-89-3299-2607
Fax +49-89-3299-2622
E-Mail: info[at]

Regina Buchstab
Secretariat, picture editor
Phone +49-89-3299-2607
E-Mail: regina.buchstab[at]

Isabella Milch
Phone +49-89-3299-1317
E-Mail: milch[at]

Julia Sieber
Internal communication, exhibitions
Phone +49-89-3299-1782
E-Mail: julia.sieber[at]

Ingrid Kaufmann
Visitors service, event management in Garching
Phone +49-89-3299-2233
E-Mail: ingrid.kaufmann[at]

Beate Kemnitz
Responsible for the Greifswald site
Phone +49-3834-88-1203
E-Mail: beate.kemnitz[at]

Antje Lorenz
Visitors service in Greifswald
Phone +49-3834-88-2614
E-Mail: antje.lorenz[at]

Iris Eckl
Phone +49-89-3299-1744
Fax +49-89-3299-2642
E-Mail: iris.eckl[at]

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