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    What has to be done during the three years HEPP program?

    The PhD program can be entered after the acquisition of either a master's or a diploma degree in physics or computer science or a similar degree.

    Central to the PhD program is the writing of a doctoral thesis. For this, the student chooses a primary adademic supervisor from one of the working groups of the HEPP partners, and a second supervisor/mentor.

    In the three years program the PhD candidate has to to take part in subject-related courses (seminars, special lectures, summer/winter academies, etc.) for the equivalent of at least 6 semester hours (SWS) altogether, spread over the entire duration of the doctoral project. Furtheron, at least one article is expected to be submitted for publication in a reviewed journal or for the proceedings of an international conference with peer-review procedures.

    The thesis can be written in English, and the oral examination can be conducted in English as well.

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