Numerical Methods for the Kinetic Equations of Plasma Physics (NumKin2018)

  • Beginning: Oct 22, 2018
  • End: Oct 25, 2018
  • Location: Garching
  • Host: IPP
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a small number of specialists in the development of numerical methods for collisionless and collisional kinetic equations, and discuss the current evolutions in the field.
The last day of the Meeting, Friday 26 October, will be devoted to the SeLaLib library.
Scientific Organizers: 
Eric Sonnendrücker (IPP)

Ameres, Jakob (IPP)
Bostan, Mihai (Uni. Aix Marseille)
Bourne, Emily (TUM/IPP)
Bressan, Camilla (IPP)
Bussmann, Michael (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden)
Donnel, Peter (CEA, IRFM)
Einkemmer, Lukas
Filbet, Francis (Uni. Toulouse)
Grandgirard, Virginie (CEA, IRFM)
Hirvijoki, Eero
Latu, Guillaume
Mehrenberger, Michel (Uni. Aix Marseille)
Morel, Guillaume (Inria, Rennes)
Negulescu, Claudia (Uni. Toulouse)
Nicolopoulos, Anouk
Obrejan, Kevin (JAEA)
Possanner, Stefan (IPP/TUM)
Speleers, Hendrik (U. Rome Tor Vergata)
Tournier, Pierre-Henri (Sorbonne Univ., Paris)
Zoni, Edoardo (IPP/TUM)


Previous NumKin Workshops:
NumKin 2015 Garching
NumKin 2016 Strasbourg
NumKin 2017 Garching

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