Highlights 2018  

Research news from the division Plasma Edge and Wall

8.5.2018: Structure and Nonlinear Development of Edge Localized Modes on the Tokamak ASDEX Upgrade

Edge localized modes (ELMs) are periodic instabilities that might cause intolerably high heat fluxes onto first wall materials in future fusion devices. [more]

11.4.2018: Again EUROFusion Grants for young E2M Scientists

Already repeatedly young E2M scientists have managed to obtain EUROFusion researcher grants. We reported about such success already in 2017 and 2015, see below. This time Anna Medvedeva and Marco Cavedon applied successfully. The following brief summaries inform about their projects: [more]

15.03.2018: Influence of magnetic perturbation fields on the heat transport in the boundary of tokamaks

In order to control edge-localized instabilities in future fusion devices, the use of three-dimensional (3D) magnetic perturbation (MP) fields is currently discussed. How these perturbation fields affect the particle and heat transport in the boundary layer of the plasma has now been investigated in a doctoral thesis carried out at IPP. [more]

6.2.2018: Hydrogen Isotope Exchange in Tungsten at Low Temperatures

Hydrogen is retained in tungsten by bonding to lattice defects. Details of this bonding play a decisive role in diffusion, retention and permeation in or through tungsten. This determines how much tritium can accumulate in tungsten. [more]
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