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Latest news


In the coming year 2024, new elections at IPP-Sozialwerk e.V. will be held again. Some board members will then retire due to age.

Are you also happy that the IPP supports us employees with the establishment of the "Sozialwerk" and do you want to contribute to the existence and expansion of this valuable offer?

We are a super team, the work is joyful, we work hand in hand and we have a lot of support from the ranks of the members and everyone can adjust his time to his possibilities and skills.
We would be especially happy to have candidates from the ranks of our young employees, so that we can represent the younger staff of IPP and their wishes.

Just contact us and maybe even stand for election for the new election period - you will find our contact details here: "ABOUT US"


Art exhibitions at Haus LEOPOLD in Chiemgau.
Vernissage and new art exhibition planned for 2024!


Our motorhomes:

Hi, I am "Ron",
the camper in Garching! My predecessor "Alex" has been accompanying members on vacation in Greifswald since 2022.
The board has decided for me because I am younger and my equipment is better. Namely, I have a much larger refrigerator, separate icebox, oven, extractor hood, satellite TV, rearview camera and a spacious rear garage that can be opened from the inside and outside (both sides!).
In addition, the fixed bed in the back is no longer so high under the roof and is with the comfortable mattresses a cozy snuggle zone.
From March you can rent me. I'm looking forward to great trips with you to interesting countries and chill times. more
Hi, I am "Alex",
I come from Garching, where I have made many great trips with colleagues in 2021. My predecessor, which you had already booked very well, had to give way because it is now getting on in years and repairs were due.
Compared to my predecessor I am about 50 cm longer. In the rear area I have second seating group for 2 people. This can also be converted into a single bed. This is very practical when three people are on the road. But I am only allowed to drive for 4 persons.
Since 2022 you can rent me, I am looking forward to great trips with you to interesting countries and chill times. more


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