Every employee of the institute can become a full member for the duration of his/her employment.

Associate members can be all members of Max Planck Institutes. Associate members have no voting rights.

Retired members of the IPP can stay full member.

Every scholarship holder can also become a member for the duration of his scholarship.

The membership fee is 2,- € per month and will be deducted once a year with the salary statement of the month of February.

The IPP Social Work also receives a subsidy for each active IPP member from the Institute's management.

The membership fee for Extraordinary Members is 3,- € per month.

The IPP-Sozialwerk e.V. is a registered association and consists of the executive board and the general meeting.

To become a member, simply fill out the membership form and send it to the Sozialwerk office.


With a membership (only 2,- € /month - externals 3,- €/month) YOU COULD HELP US to support (socially weak) colleagues with lower income or in emergencies and furthermore rent the HOLIDAY APARTMENTS and use the OFFERS of the SOZIALWERK together with family and friends at low rates.
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