Training in the scientific sector

Training in the scientific sector

At IPP talented, young scientists are being specially trained and furthered.

IPP is dedicated to training outstanding young scientists, from providing student jobs, trainee student positions and practicals for undergraduates, then the allocation and supervision of bachelor, master and PhD theses, to the presentation of comprehensive courses of graduate study with seminars, colloquia and study visits abroad and with support for lectureship theses.

  • The „International Helmholtz Graduate School for Plasma Physics“ (HEPP) organised by IPP together with Technical University Munich and University of Greifswald offers a PhD course in plasma physics and fusion research in Garching and Greifswald.

  • IPP Summer University for Plasma Physics, a one-week vacation course for European undergraduates and graduates in physics, takes place annually.

  • IPP is involved in a European network providing in the context of the Erasmus Mundus Programme a two-year, multinational training programme for obtaining a European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics. This qualification is recognized in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

  • IPP is a Member of the European Fusion Education Network (FUSENET) for coordinating training in fusion research and technology throughout Europe.

  • IPP is one of the founders of the Munich School for Data Science (MUDS). The aim of MuDS is to combine training in Data Science with training in application domain areas, namely plasma physics, biomedicine, robotics and earth observation, to educate the next generation of data scientists.
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