Disabled employees' agent

The disabled employees' agents are elected for four years by the handicapped to protect their interests.

These representatives are responsible for promoting participation of the handicapped in IPP's work and protecting their interests.

The Garching and Greifswald sites each elect their own represeantatives.


Brigitte Schwarzmeier
Phone: +49 89 3299-2107

Regine Zille (Deputy)
Phone: +49 89 3299-1368

Bernhard Petzold (Deputy)
Phone: +49 89 3299-1323

Elmar Neitzert (Deputy)
Phone: +49 89 3299-1625


Kerstin Nankemann
Phone: +49 3834 88-2500

Simone Nack (Deputy)
Phone: +49 3834 88-2315

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