Student speakers

The spokespersons for PhD students represent them and act as a link to the PhD net-works of the Max Planck Society and Helmholtz Association.

Every year IPP's PhD students select two spokespersons from their midst for IPP at Garching and one for IPP at Greifswald who represent the internal interests of the PhD students. Furthermore another spokesperson is elected who represents the PhD students of both institutes in the PhDnet of the Max Planck Society.

External speaker (PhDnet):

Manuel Herschel, Tel. (089) 3299-1333,

Internal speaker Garching:

Valentine Devos, Tel. (089) 3299-1832,
Peter Halldestam, Tel. (089) 3299-2425,

Internal speakers Greifswald:

Antara Menzel-Barbara, Tel. (03834) 88-2431,
Markus Wappl, Tel. (03834) 88-1738,

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