To blend professional activities smoothly with private interests, IPP personnel are provided with a range of facilities depending on the particular site: crèche, IPP Social Services, Sports Association and Family Service.

IPP Social Service
IPP Sozialwerk e.V. is dedicated to giving IPP personnel and their families additional social, health and cultural care. Membership is available to all IPP personnel for the duration of their affiliation. Amenities provided include attractive holiday accommodation.

Sportverein Plasmaphysik e.V.
Sportverein Plasmaphysik e.V. at Garching provides sports recreation with amenities for tennis, football and gymnastics.  The football pitches and tennis courts are on site; gymnastics courses take place on site or in Garching. The sports association was founded by IPP personnel. The members are from IPP, neighbouring institutes on the Garching research campus or the immediate vicinity.

Family Service
IPP cooperates with the family service company pme. The company has information centres throughout Germany. pme’s services range from the arrangement of individual care solutions to crisis consulting and the provision of places at childcare and educational establishments. Under the umbrella of the “pme Akademie”, a wide range of seminars and training events are provided, most of which can be attended free-of-charge.

IPP employees at Garching and Greifswald can use this service free of charge; any expenses incurred for advice and administration are paid by the Max Planck Society. All costs for the care itself are paid by the families directly to the person or organisation providing the care, based on the type and scope of the care provided.

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