Press releases from 2017 to 1999

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Helmholtz International Fellow as visiting scientist at IPP

Visiting research work at Garching / award by Helmholtz Association more

Wendelstein 7-X now ready for virtual tours!

A trip into the plasma vessel / 360-degree panorama of the fusion device at Greifswald more

Max-Planck-Princeton partnership in fusion research confirmed

Investigation of plasmas in astrophysics and fusion research / funding for another two to five years more

Wendelstein 7-X: Second round of experimentation started

First plasmas in the upgraded device / “It’s now getting exciting”, says Project Head Thomas Klinger more

Bavarian Order of Merit awarded to IPP’s Scientific Director

Professor Sibylle Günter honoured for her commitment to European fusion research more

Greifswald’s Osthoff Plasma Physics Prize awarded

IPP scientist Benedikt Geiger honoured for outstanding achievements in plasma physics more

EU Excellence Award to IPP scientist

First ever matter-antimatter plasma / ERC Advanced Grant to Thomas Sunn Pedersen more

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