The brochures listed introduce you to IPP’s work and fundamentals of fusion research. These are available for downloading as PDF data files.

A short overview of the fundamentals, status and perspectives of fusion research
4 pages, published in 2019

The brief portrait presents a survey of the research programme, the experimental devices and the institute structure.
12 pages, published in  2019

Survey of the structure and research objectives of the ASDEX Upgrade and Wendelstein 7-X fusion devices at Garching and Greifswald

8 pages [Download]
How can industrial companies benefit from fusion research contracts?

28 pages, published in 2021 [Download]
Comprehensive introduction to the physical and technological principles of fusion research and current research work at IPP

in German, 104 pages, published in 2003 [Download]

The necessary software for reading and printing the PDF data file is available free of charge from Adobe.

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