The brochures listed introduce you to IPP’s work and fundamentals of fusion research. These are available for downloading as PDF data files.

A short overview of the fundamentals, status and perspectives of fusion research
4 pages, published in 2019

The brief portrait presents a survey of the research programme, the experimental devices and the institute structure.
12 pages, published in  2019

Comprehensive introduction to the physical and technological principles of fusion research and current research work at IPP

in German, 104 pages, published in 2003 [Download]
Survey of the structure and research objectives of the ASDEX Upgrade and Wendelstein 7-X fusion devices at Garching and Greifswald

8 pages [Download]
How can industrial companies benefit from fusion research contracts?

28 pages, published in 2016

The necessary software for reading and printing the PDF data file is available free of charge from Adobe.

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