Acting Division Head

Prof. Dr. Ursel Fantz
Phone:+49 89 3299-1958Fax:+49 89 3299-1313

Garching Site


ITER Technology & Diagnostics

The ITER Technology & Diagnostics division hosts IPP’s technological development contributions to ITER.

This comprises contributions to the development of the neutral beam injection (NBI) system for heating and current drive on ITER as well as the development of various diagnostics for ITER.  Furthermore, the division coordinates the ITER contributions of all other divisions of IPP.

Apart from these activities targeted towards ITER the division also develops and operates the neutral beam heating systems on ASDEX Upgrade and Wendelstein 7-X, investigates neutral beam current drive in ASDEX Upgrade and contributes to the conceptual design of the neutral beam injection system for the demonstration power plant DEMO.

The department is subdivided into two groups, neutral beam injection and ITER diagnostics.

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