Plasma Edge and Wall

Plasma Edge and Wall

The division "Plasma Edge and Wall" (E2M) explores dynamics and transport processes in fusion plasmas as well as processes in first wall materials.

The physics in the region of the plasma edge to the limiting material surfaces is determined by a system of closely linked non-linear processes and offers a large variety of scientifically interesting research topics: the plasma edge accommodates the transition from closed to open magnetic surfaces. Transport in this region is dominated by micro-turbulence which interacts with macro-scale flows leading to the spontaneous formation of a transport barrier which is essential for the achievement of high plasma confinement. The steep pressure gradients inside the barrier cause instabilities (ELMs). These ELMs together with turbulent transport ultimately determine the particle and energy transfer to the open field lines and further to the limiting material.

The high power load on the wall creates a plasma-material interface where also atomic and solid state physics plays an important role. The composition and structure of the wall materials is interacting dynamically with the plasma constituents. A fundamental understanding of single processes is required to develop suitable wall materials and to predict their interactions with the plasma.

In this way, the division E2M combines interdisciplinary research in the fields of plasma and material physics.

The experiments carried out on the fusion devices ASDEX Upgrade and JET as well as in laboratory experiments and a tandem accelerator are of high relevance also for Wendelstein 7-X, ITER and DEMO.

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