Plasma-Wall Interaction

Plasma-Wall Interaction

In this project the behaviour of materials under plasma loading and conversely the influence of the wall material on the plasma properties are investigated.


In magnetic confinement plasma devices the hot central plasma is well separated from the surrounding first wall. Energetic particles can, however, still leave the confined plasma and interact with the surrounding materials. In addition electromagnetic radiation and neutrons created in a fusion plasma impinge onto the wall materials. The latter will influence material properties by causing atomic displacements as well as transmutation reactions within the wall materials.

Due to these harsh conditions modern high performance materials are already employed in present-day fusion devices to ensure a high operating efficiency.

The work performed in the frame of the project "Plasma-Wall Interaction" addresses

  • a more detailed understanding of the complex interaction processes between plasma and wall material,
  • the development of novel materials with further improved properties, and
  • the integration of new materials into plasma-facing components.

For this purpose the scientific-technical resources of IPP, which are relevant to these questions were merged within this project to bundle and to strengthen the activities and competences.

Latest highlights from the project:









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