Numerical Methods for the Kinetic Equations of Plasma Physics (NumKin2015)

26 - 30 October 2015, IPP Garching, Germany

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a small number of specialists in the development of numerical methods for collisionless and collisional kinetic equations, and discuss the current evolutions in the field.

It will also be the annual general meeting of the EUROFusion Enabling Research project on Verification and development of new algorithms for gyrokinetic codes.

The last day of the Meeting, Friday 30 October, will be devoted to the SeLaLib library.


Scientific Organizer

Eric Sonnendrücker


Invited Speakers

  • Jakob Ameres (IPP, DE)
  • Alessandro Biancalani (IPP, DE)
  • Mihai Bostan (Aix Marseille University, FR)
  • Alain Brizard (SMCVT, US)
  • Céline Caldini (IPP, DE)
  • Martin Campos Pinto (CNRS, FR)
  • Thomas Cartier-Michaud (CEA Cadarache, FR)
  • Francis Filbet (University of Toulouse, FR)
  • Emmanuel Frénod (University of Bretagne Sud, FR)
  • Philippe Ghendrih (CEA Cadarache, FR)
  • Tobias Görler (IPP, DE)
  • Virginie Grandgirard (CEA Cadarache, FR)
  • Jason Hammond (AFRL Kirtland, US)
  • Philippe Helluy (IRMA Strassbourg, FR)
  • Jan Hesthaven (EPFL, CH)
  • Ralf Kleiber (IPP, DE)
  • Michael Kraus (IPP, DE)
  • Ben McMillan (University of Warwick, UK)
  • Gabriele Merlo (EPFL, CH)
  • Maurizio Ottaviani (CEA Cadarache, FR)
  • Maxime Perin (Aix Marseille University, FR)
  • Stefan Possanner (IPP, DE)
  • Natalia Tronko (IPP, DE)
  • David Zarzoso (Aix Marseille University, FR)
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