Marconi supercomputer, photo: M.M.Libouri

High Level Support Team

The High Level Support Team (HLST) provides support to scientists from all Research Units of the EUROfusion consortium for the development and optimization of codes to be used on supercomputers.

IFERC-CSC and MARCONI supercomputers

Currently there are two supercomputers in the framework of the EUROfusion consortium being used to perform fusion relevant simulations. One is the IFERC-CSC supercomputer located in Rokkasho, Japan. It delivers computing power of about 1.5 petaflop/s. The other one is the "MARCONI" supercomputer hosted by CINECA in Bologna, Italy with a total compute power of about 2 petaflop/s.

The Team

HLST consists of a core team based at the Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching and of high level support staff provided by the other Research Units of EUROfusion. The HLST members are all HPC experts with a background in developing large scientific applications and particular expertise in numerical algorithms.

HLST support tasks

  • Parallelise codes using e.g. OpenMP and/or MPI standards for massively parallel computers;
  • Improve the performance of existing parallel codes both at the single node and inter node levels;
  • Support the transfer of codes to new multiprocessors' architectures;
  • Choose and if necessary adapt algorithms and/or mathematical library routines to improve applications for the targeted computer architectures;
  • Give feedback to the community, based on experience gained from specific project work;
  • Provide guidance for young scientists on available training activities in HPC and towards upcoming new computer architectures;
  • Provide consultancy to scientists within the Research Units working on HPC;
  • Exploit developments made by the WPCD, especially in the field of standards, graphical user interfaces, common data bases and parallel visualization, for the benefit of the IFERC-CSC users.
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