New Issue of ASDEX Upgrade Newsletter

Information about research with the ASDEX Upgrade fusion device

December 21, 2016

ASDEX Upgrade Letter deals with present developments and research results from the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak fusion device, on which scientists from the whole of Europe are working.

The current issue 17/2016 is chiefly concerned with a highlight from the recent operation phase, the experiments on continuous operation of tokamaks:

Special discharges achieved in ASDEX Upgrade allowed the 800-kiloampere electric current to be externally driven – under conditions also applicable to the ITER test reactor or a demonstration power plant.

Furthermore, it deals with the improvements and repairs during the last shut-down of ASDEX Upgrade and the experiment planning process for 2017. The available 75 experiment days will be divided between the internal IPP program and the external EUROfusion research program "Medium Sized Tokamaks".

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