Professor Dr. Frank Jenko

Head of Tokamak Theory Division

Frank Jenko, born 1968 in Landshut, studied physics at the Technical University of Munich. On taking his PhD he joined IPP in 1998 as research scientist. After visiting terms in the USA he took his lectureship degree at the University of Ulm in 2005 and took charge of an IPP group of young scientists working on simulation of plasma turbulence on high performance computers. In 2014 he joined the University of California in Los Angeles as Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Director of the Plasma Science and Technology Institute.

As of January 2017 he is Scientific Fellow and head of the Tokamak Theory Division at IPP, since 2018 Honorary Professor for Computational Physics at the Technical University of Munich. His awards include a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (2011), the Hans Werner Osthoff Plasma Physics Prize awarded by the University of Greifswald (2004) and the Otto Hahn Medal conferred by the Max Planck Society (1999).

Selected publications:


V. Bratanov, F. Jenko, and E. Frey
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D. Told, F. Jenko, J. M. TenBarge, G. G. Howes, and G. W. Hammett
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Physical Review Letters 115, 025003 (2015)
F. Jenko, D. Told, T. Görler et al.
Global and Local Gyrokinetic Simulations of High-Performance Discharges in View of ITER
Nuclear Fusion 53, 073003 (2013)
T. Görler, X. Lapillonne, S. Brunner, T. Dannert, F. Jenko, F. Merz, and D. Told
The Global Version of the Gyrokinetic Turbulence Code GENE
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E. J. Doyle, W. A. Houlberg, Y. Kamada et al.
Progress in the ITER Physics Basis, Chapter 2: Plasma Confinement and Transport
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F. Jenko, W. Dorland, M. Kotschenreuther, and B. N. Rogers
Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence
Physics of Plasmas 7, 1904 (2000)
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