Distinction for IPP scientist

Karoly Simonyi Memorial Plaque awarded to Dr. Gergely Papp by the Hungarian Nuclear Society

January 20, 2017

IPP scientist Dr. Gergely Papp was awarded the Karoly Simonyi Memorial Plaque and Prize of the Hungarian Nuclear Society in December 2016. He received the prize "for his achievements in the field of fusion plasma physics, in particular runaway electron research". The award, named after the Hungarian plasma physicist Károly Simonyi (1916 - 2001), is awarded annually for outstanding achievements in fusion research.

Gergely Papp's research topic are so-called "runaway electrons": under special circumstances electrons of the plasma are accelerated to high energies during a plasma discharge. They can form a beam that can damage the vessel wall. Gergely Papp is developing methods that can prevent the formation or mitigate the effect of such an electron beam.

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