Appointment as Honorary Professor

IPP scientist Frank Jenko to teach at Technical University of Munich

March 14, 2018

Frank Jenko, head of IPP’s Tokamak Theory Division at Garching, was appointed on 7 March 2018 as Honorary Professor for Computational Physics at the Technical University of Munich.

After qualifying for lectureship in 2005 at the University of Ulm, Frank Jenko became head of a Helmholtz group of young scientists at IPP working on simulation of plasma turbulence with high-performance computers. Alongside this, he headed the European Expert Group on High Performance Computing. In 2014 he joined the University of California Los Angeles as Professor for Plasma Physics and Astronomy and as Director of the Plasma Science and Technology Institute.

Three years later he changed to the University of Texas at Austin as adjunct Professor and returned to IPP as Scientific Fellow, where he has headed the Tokamak Theory Division since January 2017. The objective here is to enlist the world’s largest supercomputers as a means of achieving virtual fusion experiments and numerical modelling of future fusion devices. Having been appointed as Honorary Professor for Computational Physics after a stringent selection procedure, he is about to commence teaching at the Technical University of Munich.

Besides Professor Jenko, there are other scientists from IPP engaged in teaching at more than ten universities at home and abroad.

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