ASDEX Upgrade fusion device per VR viewer

The virtual tour of Garching’s fusion device conducts you right to the heart of the ASDEX Upgrade device, otherwise only accessible to scientists – to the hottest spot in Germany, where plasmas with temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees are being produced.

This is how it works:
Using a virtual-reality viewer, one can roam around in the plasma vessel of ASDEX Upgrade and inspect what’s happening upstairs, downstairs and in the control room. Depending on the type of viewer, this is accomplished directly with the PC screen or by smartphone with gyro function. The smartphone link:

Click below on the viewer symbol to enter the virtual-reality mode: The screen splits in two, one bit for each eye. Put on the headset or attach the smartphone to the viewer – now you can look around in any direction. Via the VR setup link, which briefly appears below on the split screen, the image can be adapted to the smartphone or headset used. The box-shaped selector switches bottom left give access to the various sites.

Technical requirements for mobile devices: gyro function, acceleration sensor.
Smartphones: Google OS – from Android 4.1; Apple – from iOS 8.



Photos: Volker Steger, VR Conversion: Eduard Plesa

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