Career paths

Career paths

Where do you want to go? Which paths are open to you? How can you reach your desired goal?

Recommended courses can be found in the MPG training catalogue on the general IPP intranet (restricted access) and also online.

Examples for recommended courses:

  • Developing my research brand
  • Discovering career paths beyond academia
  • EMBO Laboratory Leadership course
  • Faculty recruitment at German Universities
  • Heading for new horizons
  • How to do a research career in academia
  • How to find the hidden jobs on the labour market
  • How to start your own lab
  • Is it all about teaching?
  • Job application outside academia
  • Leadership Competence for Scientists
  • On the way to professorship
  • Steps into academic teaching
  • Strategic planing of research careers
  • Which career suits me?

Useful Links

92 podcasts on career paths

Young Entrepeneurs in Science Workshops

DPG-Industriegespräche — München

Crystal Bailey, Head of Career Programs at the American Physical Society, speak about career trajectories for physicists. Although she focuses entirely on the U.S. system, her talk is about physics degree-holders in general and might be relevant for you:

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