The section is responsible for the central control systems. This includes the central safety system, the fast interlock, the operations control system and the control of the sliders and shutters on W7-X. It is also responsible for the integration of the local control systems of the W7-X auxiliary systems (heating systems, magnets, cryo, etc.) as well as the design and construction of local PLC-based control systems for all diagnostics. Planning of the experiment network as well as design, construction and operation of the timing system for W7-X are also part of the scope.


The section is responsible for the design, programming and operation of the central software infrastructure for W7-X. This includes sequence control, the necessary editors for program planning, real-time control and data archiving. It also designs and builds the data acquisition for the W7-X diagnostics and operates the majority of the Greifswald site central databases.


The department is responsible for the complete operation of the sites IT infrastructure. This includes the office IT for all approx. 500 employees as well as the experiment IT with its networks and the data archive. For this purpose, the group operates a tier 3 data center with a high-performance virtualization environment, data storage and backup systems.

Electronics development

The specialist group designs and builds electronics that are not available on the open market due to the bespoke requirements. These include, for example, the components of the central timing system and various cards for data acquisition in the mTCA and ATCA standard. It also supports operations by repairing components and carrying out cabling work.

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