Algorithm and Model Verification and Validation For Kinetic and Gyrokinetic Plasma Simulation Codes

8 - 10 April 2014, IPP, Garching near Munich

The aim of this workshop is to come up with a set of test problems enabling to verify the good behaviour of the codes implementing some physics problems.
The test cases should span all difficulties from easy to hard.
Propositions for test cases will be gathered before the workshop in order to avoid redundancies.

The aim is to come up with a document describing in details all the test cases and that will serve as a tool for code developers.
This workshop will be followed by a second one in the Fall, where the test cases should have been run by different codes in order to provided useful feedback.

It is a follow-up of the first AMVV workshop held at Michigan State University in 2012 that started this initiative:

Scientific organizers

Andrew Christlieb (Michigan State University, US)


Eric Sonnendrücker (IPP, Germany)

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