Helmholtz International Fellow coming to IPP

Research prize and free research stay / awarded by the Helmholtz Association

June 28, 2013

Professor Dr. Emmanuel Tsitrone, a plasma physicist with the French Tore Supra fusion experiment at Cadarache, is one of the outstanding scientist presented with the Helmholtz International Fellow Award by the Helmholtz Association in 2013. She was proposed for this award by IPP for her reputation as a specialist for questions and technical solutions relating to interaction of hot fusion plasmas with the confining vessel wall. She also serves in leading positions on international boards that coordinate surface physics in Europe and world-wide. This distinction from the Helmholtz Association includes with the 20,000 euro prize money an invitation to spend flexible research stays at IPP, where the physics of plasma-wall interaction is an important topic of investigation.

The Helmholtz International Fellow Award acknowledges special research achievements and also forges new ties with research establishments abroad. To be nominated for the prize, candidates have to be proposed by a Helmholtz Centre – or in IPP’s case an affiliated centre – working on the same research topics.

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