New Administrative Director at IPP

Christina Wenninger-Mrozek to succeed Dr. Karl Tichmann

June 10, 2009
On 1 July 2009 Christina Wenninger-Mrozek will take up her appointment as Administrative Director of Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) at Garching and Greifswald. She is succeeding Dr.-Ing. Karl Tichmann, who has managed IPP since 1996 and is retiring this July.

Lawyer Christina Wenninger-Mrozek, born in 1972 in Munich, is already quite familiar with Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics. In 2000 she joined the Administration of IPP at Garching, subsequently becoming head of the Legal and Patent Department and assistant to the Administrative Director. Then, in 2006, she took over the position as Head of Administration in the Close Support Unit of the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA CSU) at Culham, UK. This European agency coordinates the scientific operation of JET (Joint European Torus), on which fusion scientists from all over Europe are conducting experiments. The objective of the research pursed at JET, as at IPP, is to develop a power plant that, like the sun, derives energy from fusion of atomic nuclei.

Her predecessor, Dr.-Ing. Karl Tichmann, joined IPP in 1977 on completion of his studies in physics and business management. As of 1981 he was in administration, latterly as head. In 1992 he was appointed Administrative Director of the Leipzig-Halle Environmental Research Centre, now Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, which he helped to establish and develop. At the end of 1996 he rejoined IPP as Administrative Director. His major achievements now included the development of IPP’s branch at Greifswald, established two years previously, and administrative involvement in the international negotiations for ITER.

Isabella Milch

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