Numerical Methods for the Kinetic Equations of Plasma Physics (NumKin 2013)

2. - 6. September 2013, IPP, Garching near Munich


The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a small number of specialists in the development of numerical methods for collisionless and collisional kinetic equations, and discuss the current evolutions in the field.

Different models will be considered such as Vlasov, Boltzmann, Fokker-Planck-Landau as well as reduced models and also gyrokinetic models with or without collisions.

Different numerical methods including Particle In Cell, and several semi-Lagrangian and Eulerian techniques will be considered.

This gathering will be a small topical workshop, and there will only be invited talks. Interested parties can attend at their own expense. There is no fee, but registration is required. Registration closes on 31 July 2013.


Scientific Organizers

  • Francis Filbet (University of Lyon, FR)
  • Eric Sonnendrücker (IPP, Germany)

Invited Speakers

  • Bedros Afeyan (Polymath, US)
  • Mihaï Bostan (University of Aix-Marseille, FR)
  • Alberto Bottino (IPP, DE)
  • Martin Campos Pinto (CNRS, FR)
  • Luis Chacon (LANL, US)
  • Andrew Christlieb (MSU, US)
  • Nicolas Crouseilles (Inria Rennes, FR)
  • Bruno Després (University of Paris 6, FR)
  • Blanca Ayuso de Dios (CRM, ES)
  • Stephane Ethier (PPPL, US)
  • Tobias Görler (IPP, DE)
  • Virginie Grandgirard (CEA Cadarache, FR)
  • Yaman Güçlü (MSU, US)
  • Philippe Helluy (University of Strasbourg, FR)
  • Sever Hirstoaga (Inria Nancy, FR)
  • Jeffrey A. Hittinger (LLNL, US)
  • Michael Kraus (IPP, DE)
  • Michel Mehrenberger (University of Strasbourg, FR)
  • Philip J. Morrison ( University of Texas at Austin, US)
  • Claudia Negulescu (University of Toulouse, FR)
  • Marco Restelli (IPP, DE)
  • Bei Wang (PPPL, US)
  • Chang Yang (University of Lyon, FR)
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