Workshop on the physics of positron-electron plasmas (PPEP 2013)

IPP Greifswald, 10 October 2013

Plans for the creation and magnetic trapping of the first electron-positron plasma in a laboratory have been laid out (New Journal of Physics, 14, 35010 (2012)), and our work towards this aim is well underway. We think now is a good time to get together for a first, informal meeting to discuss the scientific opportunities afforded by these unique plasmas.

Topics of the workshop:

  • Techniques for the experimental creation of an electron-positron plasma,
  • Identification of physics phenomena that are specific to pair plasmas and that can be tested in the electron-positron plasmas we expect to create,
  • Benchmarking of plasma physics codes normally used for fusion or astrophysics using electron-positron plasmas,
  • Electron-positron plasmas in outer space and how their physics could be studied in laboratory experiments,
  • The differences in the physics of magnetized versus unmagnetized electron-positron plasmas,
  • The importance of the magnetic topology on the physics of electron-positron plasmas.

Registration to the workshop is still open. Your contribution to this informal mini-workshop is very welcome, and could include a formal presentation of your ideas or plans, or just participating informally with ideas, plans and other constructive feedback.

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