Publications of M. Sugihara

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Wesley, J. C.; De Vries, P. C.; Eidietis, N. W.; Flanagan, S. M.; Gerhardt, S. P.; Granetz, R. S.; Gribov, Y.; Hender, T. C.; Hollmann, E. M.; Hyatt, A. W. et al.; Johnson, M. F.; Kawano, Y.; Lehnen, M.; Lister, J.; Martin, R.; Martin, Y. R.; Menard, J.; Pautasso, G.; Reux, C.; Riccardo, V.; Sabbagh, S. A.; Schissel, D. P.; Saint-Laurent, F.; Strait, E. J.; Sugihara, M.: Disruption, Halo Current and Rapid Shutdown Database Activities for ITER. 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Daejeon (2010)
Bachmann, C.; Sugihara, M.; Roccella, R.; Sannazzaro, G.; Gribov, Y.; Riccardo, V.; Hender, T. C.; Gerasimov, S. N.; Pautasso, G.; Belov, A. et al.; Lamzin, E.; Roccella, M.: Specification of Asymmetric VDE Loads of the ITER Tokamak. 26th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2010), Porto (2010)
Nakamura, Y.; Pautasso, G.; Sugihara, M.; Miyamoto, S.; Toshimitsu, S.; Yoshino, R.: TSC Modelling Approach to Mimicing Halo Current in ASDEX-Upgrade Disruptive Discharges. 37th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Dublin (2010)
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