Publications of D. Carralero

Poster (41)

Wischmeier, M.; Potzel, S.; Carralero, D.; Müller, S. H.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: Implication of a shock front in the x-point region of ASDEX Upgrade on the evolution of divertor detachment. 55th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Denver, CO (2013)
Komm, M.; Kocan, M.; Carralero, D.; Müller, H.W.; Stöckel, J.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: Fast measurements of ion temperature in ELM filaments in the ASDEX Upgrade scrape-off layer. 40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Espoo (2013)
Mehlmann, F.; Costea, S.; Naulin, V.; Rasmussen, J. J.; Müller, H. W.; Nielsen, A. H.; Vianello, N.; Carralero, D.; Rohde, V.; Lux, C. et al.; Schrittwieser, R.; Ionita, C.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: Radial profiles of transport parameters in ASDEX Upgrade. 40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Espoo (2013)
Müller, H. W.; Carralero, D.; Birkenmeier, G.; Conway, G.; DeMarne, P.; Fischer, R.; Lunt, T.; Manz, P.; Maraschek, M.; Sieglin, B. et al.; Suttrop, W.; Viezzer, E.; Wolfrum, E.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: SOL turbulence modification by non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations in L-mode. 40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Espoo (2013)
Colas, L.; Bobkov, V.; Carralero, D.; Kocan, M.; Müller, H. W.; Manz, P.; Kubic, M.; Gunn, J.-P.; Herrmann, A.; Rohde, V. et al.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: 2D mapping of ICRF-induced scraped-off layer modifications with a retarding field analyser on ASDEX-Upgrade. 20th Topical Conference on Radio Frequency Power in Plasmas, Sorrento (2013)

Report (1)

D'Isa, F. A.; Carralero, D.; Lunt, T.; ASDEX Upgrade Team, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Max Planck Society: Evolution of the SOL plasma background at density shoulder formation. Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching (2016), 75 pp.
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