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    Galdon-Quiroga, J.; Garcia-Munoz, M.; Sanchis-Sanchez, L.; Mantsinen, M.; Fietz, S.; Igochine, V.; Maraschek, M.; Rodriguez-Ramos, M.; Sieglin, B.; Snicker, A. et al.; Tardini, G.; Vezinet, D.; Weiland, M.; Eriksson, L.G.: Velocity space resolved absolute measurement of fast ion losses induced by a tearing mode in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. Nuclear Fusion 58, 036005 (2018)
  2. 2.
    Maraschek, M.; Gude, A.; Igochine, V.; Zohm, H.; Alessi, E.; Bernert, M.; Cianfarani, C.; Coda, S.; Duval, B.; Esposito, B. et al.; Fietz, S.; Fontana, M.; Galperti, C.; Giannone, L.; Goodman, T.; Granucci, G.; Marelli, L.; Novak, S...; Paccagnella, R.; Pautasso, G.; Piovesan, P.; Porte, L.; Potzel, S.; Rapson, C.; Reich, M.; Sauter, O.; Sheikh, U.; Sozzi, C.; Spizzo, G.; Stober, J.; Treutterer, W.; Zanca, P.: Path-oriented early reaction to approaching disruptions in ASDEX Upgrade and TCV in view of the future needs for ITER and DEMO. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60, 014047 (2018)
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  4. 4.
    Igochine, V.; Classen, I.; Dunne, M.; Gude, A.; Günter, S.; Lackner, K.; McDermott, R. M.; Sertoli, M.; Vezinet, D.; Willensdorfer, M. et al.; Yu, Q.; Zohm, H.: Tearing mode formation induced by internal crash events at different βN. Nuclear Fusion 57, 036015 (2017)
  5. 5.
    Igochine, V.; Piovesan, P.; Classen, I. G. J.; Dunne, M.; Gude, A.; Lauber, P.; Liu, Y.; Maraschek, M.; Marrelli, L.; McDermott, R. et al.; Reich, M.; Ryan, D.; Schneller, M.; Strumberger, E.; Suttrop, W.; Tardini, G.; Zohm, H.: MHD limits and plasma response in high-beta hybrid operations in ASDEX Upgrade. Nuclear Fusion 57, 116027 (2017)
  6. 6.
    Piovesan, P.; Igochine, V.; Turco, F.; Ryan, D. A.; Cianciosa, M. R.; Liu, Y. Q.; Marrelli, L.; Terranova, D.; Wilcox, R. S.; Wingen, A. et al.; Angioni, C.; Bock, A.; Chrystal, C.; Classen, I.; Dunne, M.; Ferraro, N. M.; Fischer, R.; Gude, A.; Holcomb, C. T.; Lebschy, A.; Luce, T. C.; Maraschek, M.; McDermott, R.; Odstrcil, T.; Paz-Soldan, C.; Reich, M.; Sertoli, M.; Suttrop, W.; Taylor, N. Z.; Weiland, M.; Willensdorfer, M.: Impact of ideal MHD stability limits on high-beta hybrid operation. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 59, 014027 (2017)
  7. 7.
    Schneider, P. A.; Bustos, A.; Hennequin, P.; Ryter, F.; Bernert, M.; Cavedon, M.; Dunne, M.; Fischer, R.; Görler, T.; Happel, T. et al.; Igochine, V.; Kurzan, B.; Lebschy, A.; McDermott, R. M.; Morel, P.; Willensdorfer, M.: Explaining the isotope effect on heat transport in L-mode with the collisional electron-ion energy exchange. Nuclear Fusion 57, 066003 (2017)
  8. 8.
    Willensdorfer, M.; Strumberger, E.; Suttrop, W.; Dunne, M.; Fischer, R.; Birkenmeier, G.; Brida, D.; Cavedon, M.; Denk, S. S.; Igochine, V. et al.; Giannone, L.; Kirk, A.; Kirschner, J.; Medvedeva, A.; Odstrcil, T.; Ryan, D. A.: Three dimensional boundary displacement due to stable ideal kink modes excited by external n=2 magnetic perturbations. Nuclear Fusion 57, 116047 (2017)
  9. 9.
    Horvath, L.; Papp, G.; Lauber, P.; Por, G.; Gude, A.; Igochine, V.; Geiger, B.; Maraschek, M.; Guimarais, L.; Nikolaeva, V. et al.; Pokol, G.I.: Experimental investigation of the radial structure of energetic particle driven modes. Nuclear Fusion 56, 112003 (2016)
  10. 10.
    Li, E.; Igochine, V.; Xu, L.; Shi, T.; Zhao, H.; Liu, Y.; Ti, A.; White, R.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, Y. et al.; Huang, J.; Shen, B.; Lin, S.; Qian, J.; Gong, X.; Hu, L.: The dynamics of a neoclassical tearing mode (NTM) influenced by energetic ions on EAST. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58, 045012 (2016)
  11. 11.
    Liu, Y.; Sabbagh, S. A.; Chapman, I. T.; Gerasimov, S.; Gribov, Y.; Hender, T. C.; Igochine, V.; Maraschek, M.; Matsunaga, G.; Okabayashi, M. et al.; Straiti, E. J.: Multimachine Data–Based Prediction of High-Frequency Sensor Signal Noise for Resistive Wall Mode Control in ITER. Fusion Science and Technology 70 (3), S. 387 - 405 (2016)
  12. 12.
    Odstrcil, T.; Pütterich, T.; Odstrcil, M.; Gude, A.; Igochine, V.; Stroth, U.: Optimized tomography methods for plasma emissivity reconstruction at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. Review of Scientific Instruments 87, 123505 (2016)
  13. 13.
    Vezinet, D.; Igochine, V.; Weiland, M.; Yu, Q.; Gude, A.; Meshcheriakov, D.; Sertoli, M.: Non-monotonic growth rates of sawtooth precursors evidenced with a new method on ASDEX Upgrade. Nuclear Fusion 56, 086001 (2016)
  14. 14.
    Constantinescu, D.; Dumbrajs, O.; Igochine, V.; Lackner, K.; Zohm, H.: Bifurcations and fast-slow dynamics in a low-dimensional model for quasi-periodic plasma perturbations. Romanian Reports in Physics 67 (3), S. 1049 - 1060 (2015)
  15. 15.
    Constantinescu, D.; Dumbrajs, O.; Igochine, V.; Lackner, K.; Zohm, H.: Bifurcations and fast-slow dynamics in a low-dimensional model for quasi-perodic plasma perturbations. Romanian Physics Report 67 (3), S. 1049 - 1060 (2015)
  16. 16.
    Giannone, L.; Fischer, R.; McCarthy, P. J.; Odstrcil, T.; Zammuto, I.; Bock, A.; Conway, G. D.; Fuchs, J. C.; Gude, A.; Igochine, V. et al.; Kallenbach, A.; Lackner, K.; Maraschek, M.; Rapson, C.; Ruan, Q.; Schuhbeck, K. H.; Suttrop, W.; Wenzel, L.: Improvements for real-time magnetic equilibrium reconstruction on ASDEX Upgrade. Fusion Engineering and Design 100, S. 519 - 524 (2015)
  17. 17.
    Weiland, M.; Gude, A.; Igochine, V.; Maraschek, M.; Zohm, H.; Bohle, R.; Dux, R.; Lackner, K.; Odstrcil, T.; Pütterich, T.: Investigation of 3D tungsten distributions in (1,1) kink modes induced by toroidal plasma rotation. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 57, 085002 (2015)
  18. 18.
    Geiger, B.; Garcia-Munoz, M.; Dux, R.; Ryter, F.; Tardini, G.; Barrera Orte, L.; Classen, I. G. J.; Fable, E.; Fischer, R.; Igochine, V. et al.; McDermott, R.: Fast-ion transport in the presence of magnetic reconnection induced by sawtooth oscillations in ASDEX Upgrade. Nuclear Fusion 54, 022005 (2014)
  19. 19.
    Igochine, V.; Gude, A.; Günter, S.; Lackner, K.; Yu, Q.; Barrera Orte, L.; Bogomolov, A.; Classen, I.; McDermott, R. M.; Luhmann, N.C.: Conversion of the dominantly ideal perturbations into a tearing mode after a sawtooth crash. Physics of Plasmas 21, 110702 (2014)
  20. 20.
    Li, E.; Igochine, V.; Dumbrajs, O.; Xu, L.; Chen, K.; Shi, T.; Hu, L.: The non-resonant kink modes triggering strong sawtooth-like crashes in the EAST tokamak. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 56, 125016 (2014)
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