Thumb flicks

With you controlling a plasma discharge and construction of a fusion device

The electronic thumb flicks, “Hot in here!” and “Complicated, but highly promising”, show the course of a plasma discharge in Garching's ASDEX Upgrade fusion device and construction of Greifswald's Wendelstein 7-X device.

With the "Hot in here" thumb flick one can tun through a plasma discharge in Garching's ASDEX Upgrade fusion device roughly in real time: After a good ten seconds it's all over in the laboratory as well. Everything researchers wanted to know about the behaviour of the plasma when heated to 100 million degrees has been recorded by the measuring instruments.


Much faster than the real event is the "Complicated, but highly promising" electronic thumb flick: CAD drawings of the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device cover in time-lapse the different installation phases. Wendelstein 7-X is the world's largest device of the stellarator type. The research device is now in operation at IPP's Greifswald branch.

Here's how it goes:
Open the pdf-files and quickly flick through the pages.

Hot in here!
(.pdf 2.9 MB)

Complicated, but highly promising!
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