478th Heraeus Seminar


The discipline of plasma physics originated in the 20th century from gas-discharge, space- and astrophysics, and has developed in several different directions since then.

Over the decades there has been much fruitful exchange between the different branches of plasma physics, for instance between fusion and astro-plasma physics, but there is an increasing tendency of the sub-disciplines to drift apart. This is unfortunate since the physical problems (magnetic reconnection, instabilities, turbulence …) are often similar.

The intention of the present seminar is to bring together leading representatives from the fusion, space and astrophysical plasma communities in order to explore common points of interest and identify synergies.

The following scientific topics (among others) will be covered:

  • MHD stability
  • Magnetic reconnection
  • Kinetic transport processes
  • Solar wind physics
  • Suprathermal particles
  • The interstellar medium
  • Stellar plasmas
  • Galaxy clusters
  • Turbulence
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