10th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas


The Organizing Committee of 10th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas (NNP 2012) would like to invite all participants in NNP 2012 to submit a manuscript to the Conference Proceedings. The contributions will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings as part of the conference series on Non-Neutral Plasma Physics.

Historically the proceedings have been an excellent reference for describing the current state of Non-Neutral Plasma Physics, and serves as an important record of the new ideas presented at the workshop. We strongly encourage all participants in NNP 2012 to submit a written contribution to the Conference Proceedings.

The page limit has been extended to 10 pages for all authors.

After numerous requests, the submission deadline has been extended to October 31, 2012. However, it would help us a lot, if you can submit your papers earlier than October 31. Manuscripts can be e-mailed to us at xabi[at]ipp.mpg.de.

Proceedings will be published in the 6 x 9 inch format. You can download the instructions and appropriate template file from proceedings.aip.org. Please, make sure you follow the instructions described in the Author Instructions file.

Important points are:

  • We only accept Word and pdf files. Although AIP provides LaTex macros and instructions on its web site, we do NOT accept postscript, DVI, or TeX files. Manuscripts created in LaTeX must be submitted as pdf files.
  • Make sure that all symbols, fonts and figures are embedded in your document.
  • Please do NOT add any header, footer or page numbering.
  • Graphics: A minimum of 600 dpi is recommended.
  • Color printing. AIP offers the possibility of reproducing figures in color at an additional cost. The editors will fund the cost of color printing from the conference budget. However, if the number of pages in color is too high, this cost will be shared among the authors requesting color printing.
  • Do not forget to fill out and sign a copy of AIP Transfer of Copyright form. Signed forms can be sent to us at xabi[at]ipp.mpg.de
  • If you use previously published material from a book or journal, you must obtain permission from the owner of the rights to the material and send us a signed copy of the Request for permission to reprint published material form
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