MaxEnt 2012

Poster and talk instruction

Lecture Hall

  • Notebook
    You can connect your notebook with our beamer.
  • Electronic presentation
    Only PDF and Powerpoint presentation are supported.
    Please email your file to


  • Invited talks
    50 minutes including discussion: 40 minutes talk and 10 minutes discussion.
  • Contributed talks
    Contributed talks will be limited to 20 minutes with additional 5 minutes for discussion.
    The chairman is requested to keep strictly within the time frame.
  • Posters
    Poster presenters will have the opportunity to summarize their poster within a time frame of 2 minutes using a single transparency on Tuesday afternoon.
    Please restrict yourself to a very short summary and an eyecatcher from your poster.
    The poster boards have a width of 1.50 m and a height of 1.25 m. Please ask for more boards if needed!


  • The papers are limited to 8 pages for contributed talks and 12 pages for invited talks .
  • You will need to bring two (2) paper copies of your manuscript and an electronic form.
  • Please deliver your paper as soon as possible on Monday morning, so that we can have a good start on refereeing.
  • The papers will be refereed.
  • You may be asked to referee paper(s) on site.

Don't forget

Please abide by the guidelines of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) available through the AIP website.
Please note that authors must use all instructions and files for the 6 X 9 format on the website.

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