JET is a joint European project. More than 350 scientists and engineers from all over Europe contribute to the JET programme.

From 1973 the experiment was conceived and built within the prescribed budget and schedule by the members of the European Fusion Programme and has been operated jointly since 1983.

About 350 scientists and engineers from associated laboratories across Europe and 100 international collaborators from outside Europe carry out experiments on JET within an integrated and co-ordinated European programme. The team operating JET consists of 400 scientists and engineers from Culham Centre of Fusion Energy.

Several physicists and engineers from IPP are involved in experiments at JET. They operate diagnostics, contribute to the research at JET with theory studies and also analyses in surface physics, and conduct experiments.

Participation is initiated by an experimentation proposal from the interested parties and includes visits to JET and participation in experiments there. Generally, the results are then analysed in detail at the home laboratories.

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