Electric Probes in Plasmas

Laboratory course in context of the IPP lecture "Plasma Physics" at the University of Ulm

Location: IPP Garching, building ZW3, room 113

In this experiment a DC glow discharge is investigated by means of a Langmuir probe, both in single and double probe configuration. It is is well suited to get accustomed to the basic concepts of plasma physics (sheath, probe characteristics, plasma as non-equilibrium system, ...).

The experiment on a master student level is regularly used for the plasma physics laboratory course, which is linked to the IPP lecture "Plasma Physics" at the University of Ulm.

Use by other groups or institutions (universities, educational establishments) is generally possible upon request. The optimum group size: two to three students. Please contact Christian Hopf for more information.

The experiment was promoted financially by FuseNet, the education network of the European fusion research programme.

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