The programme of the workshop will be published early June 2014.

Invited speakers

Guillaume Bousselin (France)

On the measurement of plasma potential fluctuations with emissive probes (experiment and theory)

Dan Brunner (USA)

Space charge limits and ion sensitive probe measurements of plasma potential

Jun Cheng (China)

Evolution of limit cycle oscillation across the low-intermediate-high confinement transition in the HL-2A edge plasma

Cary Forest (USA)

Prospects for a turbulent plasma dynamo

Golo Fuchert (France)

Blob properties in L- and H-mode plasmas of ASDEX Upgrade

Ivo Furno (Switzerland)

Effect of biasing on blobs in TORPEX

Aleksey Gurchenko (Russia)

Cross-investigation of GAM - turbulence interaction in the FT-2 tokamak by local microwave diagnostics and gyrokinetic simulations

Jon Hillesheim (UK)

Study of intrinsic roation in MAST with Doppler reflectometry

Tatsuya Kobayashi(Japan)

Observation of causal relation of electrostatic potential and turbulence intensity in Limit Cycle Oscillation in the JFT-2M tokamak

Lan Tao (China) Observation of low frequency Zonal Flows and Geodesic Acoustic Modes in edge biasing - induced H-mode at the J-TEXT tokamak

Hans-Werner Mueller (Germany)

Overview and comparison of recent results on plasma potential / Er diagnostic methods

Volker Naulin (Denmark)

Modeling of blobs and self-organised structures in plasmas

Nicolas Plihon (France)

Towards a von-Kármán plasma experiment

Ilya Shesterikov (Belgium)

Investigation of edge turbulence properties by the Gas Puff Imaging diagnostics at the TEXTOR tokamak

Patrick Simon (Germany)

kGAMs in ASDEX Upgrade: scaling properties and interaction with turbulence

Eleonora Viezzer (Germany)

Experimental evidence for the neoclassical nature of the edge radial electric field at ASDEX Upgrade


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