IPP Director elected to the Senate of the Max Planck Society

Professor Dr. Sibylle Günter now Senator of the Max Planck Society

June 09, 2014

Scientific Director of IPP, Prof. Dr. Sibylle Günter, is one of the nine new Members of the Senate of the Max Planck Society elected by the general meeting on 5 June. The max. 32 senators – comprising scientists from the Max Planck Society or other research institutes and representatives of important spheres of public life such as industry, politics or the media – are elected by secret ballot for a period of six years.

The Senate is an essential decision-making body of the Max Planck Society. Its powers include electing the President and Members of the Administration Council, deciding on the appointment of the Secretary-General and establishing or closing institutes and departments and appointing scientific fellows and directors of the present 83 institutes.

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